The new edition, created by the roman artist Manuela Merlo, aka UMAN, features a female figure, personification of the Spirit of Art. A hymn to street art as a free expression that sees urban spaces as work environments and establishes a connection between artist, observer and urbanization itself, without any limits or constraints. The elements featuring the new label are: the joined hands and the brush, which dyes the woman’s face with a marked line of bright red, which dominates the composition and extends outwards. A symbolic connection capable of uniting the audience to the work and to the artist through the language of Art.

This new edition aims at celebrating all the communicative power of Art, beyond the differences of gender, age and culture. To speak to a vast audience through a universal language based on emotion and bring together even in moments of deep division.

Ginarte pays homage
to Street Art and
explores contemporary
and urban expressive codes.

Manuela Merlo UMAN

Manuela Merlo aka UMAN was born in Rome. The passion for art and painting has always accompanied her life. The encounter with Street Art is disruptive when she meets the “Anonymous Painters of Trullo”, with whom she begins to operate on the territory with numerous interventions in various districts of Rome. Nowadays she is considered one of the most important artists in the panorama of Roman Street Art and beyond. Her murals tell the world through the intense faces and looks of the women she portrays.

Curiosity and experimentation lead her to expand stylistic languages, landing, among others, on the technique of pastels and graphite, and specializing her training with participation in numerous workshops of internationally renowned artists. She is always looking for new stimuli and challenges. She paints all over Italy, small villages and large suburbs are white canvases to tell. She also participates in numerous Street Art Festivals, but it is in her Roman studio that she takes refuge and paints her oil paintings, acrylic, pastels and works with digital art.