Ginarte Pomegranate is a new delicate pomegranate flavoring that enriches the character of Ginarte and preserves all its elegance and balance. The pomegranate also grows and bears fruit in the cold of Northern Italy, however the most concentrated and fragrant fruits are of Mediterranean origin, Southern Italy and the related islands are its kingdom. The bark of the fruit has been used since ancient times to obtain a yellow ocher pigment and its dyeing properties have been exploited both in art and for printing cotton fabric up to the 19th century, in line with the artistic soul of Ginarte.

The pleasure
of a delicate touch
of pomegranate

The aromatic part of the fruit is extracted from the pulp of the seeds which are squeezed to obtain a precious juice, with a sweet and slightly acidic taste. The juice is first concentrated by osmosis (cold removal of water) and then distilled under vacuum (at low temperature) in small distillation glass spheres with a capacity of only two or three litres. The distillate obtained is cold added to Ginarte. It is essential that all the concentration and distillation operations take place at low temperatures to preserve the very delicate aromas of the pomegranate, which blend harmoniously with the other botanicals, to give Ginarte Pomegranate an irresistible freshness and perfumed note.

Ginarte Pomegranate offers a broad and balanced complexity of flavours. The distinctive taste of the pomegranate makes its way through the typical hints of juniper, to then merge with the herbaceous and resinous liveliness of the other botanicals and the Mediterranean ones. The texture is silky, velvety, with a persistent finish and a pleasant refreshing and fruity sensation on the palate. The Ginarte Pomegranate bottle, based on the sophisticated design of the Ginarte classic ones, stands out for the elegant intense red screen prints, which recall the vibrant color of the pomegranate fruit. The base, also satin red, creates a nuance of color that spreads and envelops the bottle to make it even more unique and recognizable.