The Dutch painter Lou Thissen was the first artist engaged to personalise a Ginarte label. He created three paintings in honour of the Tuscan painter Pontormo. Pontormo (born Jacopo Carrucci) was from a town outside of Empoli, a painter and portrait artist of the Florentine Mannerist school. His work marked a profound change of style from the calm perspective regularity that had, up until then, distinguished Florentine Renaissance art. He is famous for his intertwined poses and ambiguous perspectives, his figures seem to float in anonymous spaces, blissfully ignorant of the forces of gravity.



Above and beyond his formal art studies, Lou Thissen, who was born in Stein, the Netherlands, on June 17, 1950, was influenced and shaped by the visual impressions he absorbed during his extensive travels abroad.

He grew into a visual artist (painter, sculptor and draftsman) and learned to master various disciplines, seeing craftsmanship and technique as essential foundations of his art. He draws inspiration from everything that moves man, literally and figuratively, including music, dance and sports. He is particularly interested in horses (sport), the environment, angels and his favourite country, Italy, which reflects strongly in his works.